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Hello! Information for students 2nd year.

First you pass the credit of your practical skills 23.05.2017:

Download List of questions for practice

Download Samples of protocols

Download Diary

Download Samplе of Title page (for Essay)

Bring completed and signed by the teacher the diary of the practice + the Essay. List of questions to pass the practice attached.

Thesis/Essay topics

(choose one of them and write 10 pages)

  1. Organization of the dental Department of prosthodontics. Professional responsibilities of nurses in the orthopedic Department.
  2. Disinfection and sterilization of Instrumentation in prosthetic dentistry.
  3. Safety in the orthopaedic Department. Treatment and disposal of disposable instruments and disposable impression trays.
  4. Methods of preparation and storage of impression materials in prosthetic dentistry.
  5. Dental materials for the fixation of orthopedic structures. The rules of mixing cement for fixation.
  6. Handling impressions in prosthetic dentistry. The technique of obtaining models in the clinic of prosthodontics.
  7. Diagnostics and first aid at emergencies in clinic of prosthodontics.


Then You write Modul Control 6.06.2017:

25 tests and answer for 10 quick questions. Main 25 questions to prepare for training:

Download 25 questions for MCQ

Download Tests for MCQ

Answers for these questions in your book. If you have any questions about preparation to take the test for practice and module control – ask me.

In this letter attached: protocols for diary of practice (it need to be hand-written, only 10 numerous of the protocols), tests to prepare for the MCQ (with answers), questions for preparation for the second part of the exam.

Resend this information to all students.

All information is available on the website here.

Good luck!

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